insight to fashion by our eyes.

modernist — avant garde — bold

Zeit ‘time’ + Geist ‘spirit’.

the Zeitgeist is the intellectual fashion or dominant school of thought that typifies and influences the culture of a particular period in time.

Zeitgeist represents our philosophy of bringing global on-trend brand and style that reflects today’s most cutting edge fashion and design . we are an unique and dynamic shopping experience.

Our store.


lifestyle is something you choose to do, to experience, to get involved and to achieve. in Zeitgeist, we choose to live in momentum of “we”, dress what we want rather than dress what they want.


in Zeitgeist, every month you are invited to our fashion sessions and private parties to feel vibe of Zeitgeist, and to meet global djs, artists, fashionistas­, musicians….

art & design.

Zeit­geist col­lab­or­ates and sup­ports contemporary artists by invit­ing them to exhibit their work in the stores. coming to Zeitgeist means you will not only see the amaz­ing pieces from cre­at­ive tal­ents, but also find yourself complete in Zeitgeist.

Z bar.

on 2rd floor, we create a place for you to enjoy a refreshing beverage and most amazing beers… to relax, to talk and to recharge.

year founded
street no.

engage. communicate. showcase.

at Zeitgeist, we thrive on artistic experience. if you are creative, innovative or just so Zeitgeist. send your profiles and workpieces to this email: get to showcase and share your ideas with everyone in Zeitgeist. we will get touch with you soon!


special design (art and designers, graphic designers, posters) for the store and the collaboration including graphic projects, display and poster design... etc


visual arts, live arts, and public arts... we support innovative creation, and we take great care of the artists who come through our space.


store-in store space concept, special place to showcase the design brands

limited editions.

limited edition design brands, jewellery, products

join us.

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